Design, let’s discover more

designDesign basically refers to the creation of a structure or model for the construction of an object or for achievement of a unique objective. It refers to planning of various constructions such as engineering drawings, blueprints of architecture, circuit drawings, tailoring patterns and business procedures.  A person involved in the process of designing will be referred to as a designer.

Designing is done using a process where a number of things are considered. They include economic, aesthetic and functional dimensions of the object and process design. This field encompasses a wide range of industries; from clothing and apparel, graphical user interfaces, buildings, machines to business processes and even corporate identities. Design usually involves a substantial amount of research, modeling, redesign and careful thought before the desirable outcome is achieved.

Design can be applied to a multitude of disciplines. Most of the popular disciplines include applied arts, architecture, engineering, fashion, graphic design, product design, software design and even web design. Experts of these fields use various approaches as guides to the overall objective of the design process. One such approach is the KISS approach (keep it simple stupid) which aims to do away with undue complications. There is also the user-centered and use-centered design, the service design and the critical design.

There are specific design methods applied by designers in order to achieve the desired outcome. These methods include exploration, redefinition, management, prototyping and trend spotting in order to better comprehend the emerging trends in the design market. All in all, design requires creativity and a dynamic mind in order to come up with unique products that stand out.