Moncler: rebirth of a brand

MonclerIn the beginning were padded sleeping bags and tents (with light pipes and light blue cloth). Then came padded jackets, used mainly by Moncler workers to shelter from the cold.

Not by chance the company has been made famous by Lionel Terray, french alpinist who was one of the best Chamonix guides and climbers ever; he asked René Ramillon, founder of Moncler, to realize for him an entire “wardrobe” which should have been suitable for the most severe climates.

Since then much time has passed and today Moncler is a company that has achieved success by making padded jackets a garment not only for cities but famous also among those who love luxury and fashion.

Before being able to occupy a full place in the world of luxury, the company lived tough times and hard crisis. During the 80’s, Moncler padded jackets, characterized by very bright colors and in sharp contrast with parkas of young protesters of the time, had marked a generation among the city boys. Year after year Moncler padded jackets simply became a growing trend among the children, teenagers and adults.

After more than one economic problems, Moncler was sold in 2003 to a company controlled by Remo Ruffini: he was the man behind the group’s relaunch.

In 2005 Moncler turnover was more than 190 million of euros. Ruffini called great designers like Alessandra Facchinetti, Giambattista Vialli and Thom Browne to draw high-end collections (the latter for the male one). At the end of 2008, revenues risen to 290 million (40% thanks to abroad sales) and Carlyle Group acquires 48% of the company while Ruffini continues to lead Moncler.

Today Moncler has stores in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Revenues continue to grow despite the crisis thanks also to the shops which sells Moncler down jackets online.

Today this is one of the biggest and most known companies in the world for down jackets, thanks to the quality of its products.