Fashion design: what it is and how to become a designer

designFashion design is the ability to artistically apply aesthetics, beauty and creativity to cloths, accessories and other attire. It is often influenced by social and cultural practices. Fashion design is often determined by the ever changing consumer tastes and it attempts to come up with clothes that are not only artistic and aesthetically appealing but also functional depending on the prevailing trends.

You don’t necessarily require any form of education or qualification to become a renowned fashion designer. But, you must know what takes to succeed in the fashion industry.

Identify and develop personal skills
You just need to have a combination of sewing, drawing, design skills, interest and knowledge in the fashion industry and most of all be perseverant. First you need to develop your skills in drawing, selecting the correct color and texture of fabric, sewing and creating story boards. You can also enroll in fashion design classes and apply for internships in fashion houses where you can acquire immense practical knowledge.

Decide which designing field to specialize in
Decide the designing field that will be your principal area of interest. There are different fields such as haute couture, ready to wear mean’s wear, women’s wear, casual and knitwear. It is better to be a master of one than a jack of all trades.

Get additional skills
It is also important to learn about the business side of the fashion industry and acquire marketing skills. Keep abreast of the current trends in the fashion market and look out for fashion design jobs.

Create a great portfolio
Finally assemble your fashion portfolio and design a few pieces that you can wear and promote your skills.