5 best design schools in the world

design-schoolsNowadays, design is at the core of almost every enterprise or startup. These businesses solicit the services of the most talented, well trained designers to create unique products that consumers will immediately be attracted to and purchase. It is for this reason that most budding designers are interested in seeking knowledge from the crème de la crème design schools in the world.

The schools ranked in the top five categories are rated as the most valuable in offering relevant design programs.

Rhode Island School of Design
The top design school is Rhode Island School of Design which was founded in 1877 and has an enrollment of 2406. It is famed for having two graduates who were cofounders of Airbnb.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Media Lab
The second place goes to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Media Lab, which was founded in 1985. It is renowned for its high-tech user interface demos and designs.

University Of Cincinnati
The University Of Cincinnati is ranked third with a total enrollment of 2438. It offers curriculum from a whole host of other colleges and is loved for the cultural diversity, amenities and extra-curricular activities provided.

Carnegie Mellon University School Of Design
In 4th place is Carnegie Mellon University School Of Design. Founded in 1905 with an enrollment of 220, the school is famed for its integration of design and arts with user research and technology.

Parsons The New School for Design
This is school was founded in 1896 and its fifth among 5 best design schools. With a total enrollment of 5000 students, it is said to produce the best graduate level talents in design, product concept and management.